Interior Painting

Anyone can paint a wall, but making it look perfect takes intense attention to detail. Across the entire project, Stensgaard Painting brings a laser focus to even the smallest detail from product selection to prep to finishing touches. We go above and beyond.

As soon as we put paint on the wall, we take total responsibility for the end result. We check everything at the outset to ensure that any imperfections are fixed before the first coat of primer goes on.

We shine strong LED lights on all surfaces to make sure they are clean, blemish free and the spackling is perfect. If the wall looks good under harsh lights, it will look good under any light.

We then address any problems, including moldings that are loose or show gaps, spackle defects, popped nails or rough surfaces. Everything is brought to a perfect smoothness so that the resulting surfaces look pristine.

After everything’s been sanded, caulked, primed and painted, if it’s not perfect we’ll sand it and repeat the process.

We want your walls to look as perfect as possible.

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