Achieving quality results with wallpaper requires a set of distinct skills. Stensgaard Painting has been honing those skills for over 35 years.

Wallpaper comes in a dizzying array of colors, textures and materials. Each wallpaper also presents its own set of challenges, and may require different methods for wall preparation and paste selection. Additionally, high-end custom hand-printed wallpapers require careful hand-trimming before hanging.

Stensgaard Painting brings decades of experience across many demanding projects. We provide you with expertly installed wallpaper every time, whatever your choice of wallpaper material. We have expertise in silk, paper, vinyl and non-woven materials as well as textures such as grass or string cloth, textured vinyl or paper, or something custom designed.

We want your wallpaper to look as perfect as possible.

Sometimes a design change means removing the wallpaper already on the walls. The key to successful wallpaper removal is understanding how to take down the existing wallpaper without damaging the walls.

As different wallpaper materials require different pastes for application, different pastes require their own set of techniques and materials to dissolve and remove them.

Our wallpaper expertise also includes understanding the requirements and approaches needed to provide you with flawless walls to provide the right blank canvas for your next design ideas.
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